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About www Redirect Checker

You can perform a redirect test and check your redirect instantly and online with our free redirect checker.  Simply paste in the URL you want to check into the 301 redirect checker and see the results. Use our 301 link redirect tester to test your URLs and make sure they have the correct redirect!  You can check your redirects online instantly.

Why it is important for SEO?

Using redirects is essential to good website performance. However, it’s important that you use them correctly unless you want to undermine your website’s SEO health. By abusing redirects, you risk seeing your Google ranking drop. As a result, you may lose a good deal of organic traffic. The same is true for multiple redirects. Check out what Google says about these.

How do I test redirects with Sitechecker?

And if you want some help with your SEO, we’d love to give you a free personalized SEO strategy review. If you feel it’s a good fit and like our strategy, we’d love to do business with you. Or you can take the strategy and try to implement it yourself. Either way, we hope you can improve your SEO by using our redirect tester!

To find out what redirect trace your URL has or what its StatusCode is, just enter the link or domain into the field and press “Check”. Once the check has been completed, you’ll see the results in the results field.